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A wide variety of professions can benefit from WebCase

Anyone needing to collect, document and verify Internet-based information can benefit from WebCase®. Read more from our users.

Law Enforcement

  • Federal, state, and local criminal investigators capture video of assaults, images of narcotics stashes, and text describing criminal plans.
  • Child exploitation investigators and advocates document instant message and chat room conversations between predators and their victims.
  • Probation and parole officers check up on offenders' social network pages and other online presences to ensure they comply with their sentencing terms.

Legal Counselors

  • Prosecutors back up police evidence to support their case.
  • Attorneys document witness credibility.
  • Civil litigators conduct both primary and secondary research on case-related issues.

Corporate Users

  • Human resources staff research prospective and current employees' social network pages to ensure off-hours activities match company values.
  • Marketers protect their companies' brands and online reputations against online fraud, phishing, and other cybercrimes.
  • Legal counsel supplements e-discovery efforts.
  • Internal auditors analyze efficiency, asset protection, and investigate fraud.
  • Information security personnel identify risks to intellectual property, including espionage and piracy.
  • Competitive business analysts document key companies and markets.
  • Insurance claims adjusters investigate personal property and injury, workers' compensation, and vehicle claims.
  • Financial crimes investigators examine crimes related to online banking and auction sites, phishing, fraud, and like crimes.

Private Investigators

  • Documentation of marital infidelity, missing persons, and threats to individuals can all be found online.

Intelligence Agencies

  • Domestic fusion centers in all 50 U.S. states collect evidence of extremist activity.
  • Military intelligence monitor websites and social networks to gather information on potential security breaches or other threats.

Academics and researchers

  • Instructors on cybercrimes and computer forensic procedures capture information that supports their curricula.
  • Journalists and historians back up their research for investigative reports and books.

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