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Read how prosecutors work with one high tech crimes unit in South Dakota to enhance due process using WebCase

See Who Needs WebCase?

"WebCase is a tool that has aided in data collection, so forensic, in the fight against individuals who use the web as a place to conduct infractions." - Raffael Vargas, Digital Forensic Specialist Consultant, Forense Digital (Brazil)



Legal Counsel

Whether you are a prosecutor or public defender, you need a way to corroborate evidence, tie cases together, and understand how online information affects your client's, victim's, or witness' image. Meanwhile, counsels working for private companies need to document sharing of intellectual property, trade secrets and other information subject to nondisclosure “in the cloud.”

Attorneys need:

  • Within each case record you can easily record new online exhibits and attach electronic files – including audio and video recordings, MS Word documents, spreadsheets, etc. WebCase automatically numbers each collected item within a case. WebCase even makes it easy to store and other digital evidence items by attaching them to the case.
  • Full screen and video capture that documents every image, every movie, even real-time collaboration.
  • IP address identification and geolocation that show where the harassing blog or data-leaking email originates.
  • Hash algorithms and date/time stamping, along with WebCase's evidence locker, preserve everything you need for your clients – and for court.
  • Support digital forensics examinations. Evidence located during digital examinations often includes determining a user’s online activity. Use WebCase to verify the current state of websites located during the forensic exam.
  • Reporting in a format that makes it easy for anyone – from clients to other attorneys to judges – to understand the case. Preparing investigation reports the old-fashioned way often requires a major time commitment. With WebCase, simply click a button to generate a browser based report that contains a comprehensive chronology of all events and activities, as well as the evidence that was gathered and any investigators’ comments.
  • Managers need to:

  • Easily view all outstanding cases
  • Identify attorney and investigator use and time expenditures
  • Ensure compliance with state and national regulations
  • Ensure that your team's resources are deployed effectively
  • The WebCase Advantage

    - Ease of use: WebCase's simple interface makes Internet documentation simple.

    - Customizable reporting: WebCase’s browser based reporting can be customized to suit your team's preferred look and feel, including your logo.

    - Affordable: A proven solution at an affordable price.

    - Support: Our clients benefit from exceptional customer service long after the implementation is over.


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