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"WebCase promises to be the most invaluable partner an online investigator could have by keeping track of information during a case and having it prosecution-ready in moments.” – James Cornell, CFCE, CISSP, CEECS, CTT+, featured author in The Best Damn CyberCrime and Digital Forensics Book Period









































Terrorists and gang members recruit and plan online. Drug dealers record prices and locations for their customers. Organized criminals and terrorists develop and maintain global communications networks. Politics, economies and societies shift according to both internal and external factors – which can affect operations for better or worse.

Intelligence analysts need:

  • A full picture. Classified information and intercepted communications may tell only part of the story. Social networking sites, video and image sharing services, local media and group websites provide better context and more evidence.
  • A way to document live websites before targets take them down, and to maintain chain of control over that documentation.
  • Easily documented and organized information about a group, region or culture, which can in turn be clearly presented to others.
  • A solution that can import collected OSINT data into analytic software.

Managers need to:

  • Easily view all outstanding cases
  • Identify operative use and time expenditures
  • Ensure compliance with all regulations
  • Aid in intel analysis and detect emerging trends
  • Ensure that your team's resources are deployed effectively

Enhance your OSINT work with WebCase, the only purpose-built internet intelligence collection software.

-   Full screen and video capture documents every image, every movie, every piece of hijacked content.

-   IP address identification and geolocation show where the website, blog, or social network originates.

-   Hash algorithms and date/time stamping, along with WebCase's evidence locker, preserve everything you need for an accurate case history.

-   Manage numerous different targets and personas at once, so you can maintain clear case histories.

-   XML file export into your most powerful analytic tools.

-   Easy generation and dissemination of collected data in a concise, consistent report directly to CD/DVD, or tools of the Asymmetrical Software Kit (ASK).

The WebCase Advantage

-  Ease of use: WebCase's simple interface makes Internet documentation simple.

-  Customizable reporting: WebCase’s browser based reporting can be customized to suit your team's preferred look and feel, including your logo.

-  Affordable: A proven solution at an affordable price.

-  Support: Our clients benefit from exceptional customer service long after the implementation is over.

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