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“Until recently, real time forensic tracking of live data was problematic because the Internet was a real time environment. Computer forensic software such as WebCase by VereSoft (sic) ( is solving this problem by allowing investigators to forensically record IP addresses, chat sessions, and other communication across the Internet connection.”Computer Forensics for Dummies, 2008






















Corporate Investigators and Consultants

Whether you're investigating fraud in the form of cybersquatting, blackhat SEO and counterfeit or pirated goods, or conducting an internal investigation of unsuspecting employees who were socially engineered into giving up sensitive information, be sure you're getting all the information you need.

Corporate investigators need:

  • A full picture. Internal databases and communications may tell only part of the story. Web-based email and external websites provide better context and more evidence.
  • A way to document live websites before counterfeiters take them down, or when ISPs fight preservation requests or other legal measures.
  • A means of preserving evidence that is consistent with the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure as well as standing legal precedent.
  • To support law enforcement counterparts with evidence that will stand up in criminal court.

Managers need to:

  • Easily view all outstanding cases
  • Identify investigator use and time expenditures
  • Ensure compliance with state and national regulations
  • Aid in the analysis of investigations and detect emerging trends
  • Ensure that your team's resources are deployed effectively

Power your online investigations with WebCase, the only purpose-built internet evidence collection software.

- Full screen and video capture documents every image, every Flash movie, every piece of hijacked content.

- IP address identification and geolocation show where the false site, harassing blog, or threatening email originates.

- Hash algorithms and date/time stamping, along with WebCase's evidence locker, preserve everything you need for the police – and for court.

- Manage numerous different suspects and cases at once. Got suspects who are operating many different sites or auctions under many different usernames? WebCase lets you organize them efficiently, so you can maintain clear case histories.

- Reporting in a format that makes it easy for anyone – from law enforcement to attorneys to juries – to understand the case... or post-incident employee training.

The WebCase Advantage

-  Ease of use: WebCase's simple interface makes Internet documentation simple.

- Customizable reporting: WebCase’s browser based reporting can be customized to suit your team's preferred look and feel, including your logo.

- Affordable: A proven solution at an affordable price.

- Support: Our clients benefit from exceptional customer service long after the implementation is over.

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