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"WebCase promises to be the most invaluable partner an online investigator could have by keeping track of information during a case and having it prosecution-ready in moments.” – James Cornell, CFCE, CISSP, CEECS, CTT+, featured author in The Best Damn CyberCrime and Digital Forensics Book Period













Academics and Researchers

Protect your reputation, and your peers' intellectual property, by documenting the research materials you find online. Web content is dynamic; blogs and websites can be taken down, their content rearranged and renamed. Prove what you found, where you found it and who created it.

Researchers need:

  • A way to document live websites before sources take them down or move critical content around.
  • A full picture. Academic texts and primary sources provide only part of a story. Social networking sites, blogs, videos and images provide context.
  • Easily documented and organized information about a group, region, culture, or online community, which can in turn be clearly presented to others.
  • Clearly documented copyright information, including internet licensing such as Creative Commons.

Enhance your research with WebCase, the only purpose-built internet information collection software.

-    Full screen and video capture documents every image, every movie, every blog entry and PDF.

-    Hash algorithms and date/time stamping, along with WebCase's evidence locker, preserve everything you need for an accurate research history.

-    Reporting in a format that makes it easy for anyone – from fellow researchers to students to supervisors – to understand the information.

The WebCase Advantage

-  Ease of use: WebCase's simple interface makes Internet documentation simple.

-  Customizable reporting: WebCase’s browser based reporting can be customized to suit your team's preferred look and feel, including your logo.

-  Affordable: A proven solution at an affordable price.

-  Support: Our clients benefit from exceptional customer service long after the implementation is over.

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