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WebCase: packed with investigative features

WebCase® is an easy to learn, easy to use solution that changes the way investigators locate, collect, manage, and present online evidence.

New Features in WebCase 1.9!

  • Full screen capture
  • HTML capture
  • 64-bit compatibility
  • Supports all Windows Operating Systems: XP to Windows 7; also Internet Explorer 6-8

More information: (or, watch our video)

1) Full Screen Capture

This latest version of WebCase introduces the ability, with one click, to snapshot all of a web page's contents, including the parts that are currently scrolled off screen. Most capture programs are incapable of this. WebCase automatically scrolls the window and captures the entire page to a single graphics image (JPEG).

2) HTML Capture

WebCase 1.9 also introduces the ability to copy only the web page's HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language), or underlying "source" code, to an evidence file. Some web pages are difficult to archive properly because of the embedded code, and previous versions of WebCase required several steps to archive the code. The HTML copy function allows just one step to document the source code for later review.

Bug Fixes:

a) Corrected error with call for atomic time

b) Corrected error with keystroke logging

c) Corrected other minor issues

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