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Our products serve a diverse range of professionals. Among them:

Law Enforcement

Detectives, gang and narcotics officers, school resource officers and probation/parole officers all investigate crimes online -- whether they occur online, or are simply documented in video and social networking posts.

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Legal Counsel

Prosecutors, defense attorneys and corporate counsel all use online information to corroborate, vet and understand their clients' cases, as well as to protect their clients' best interests.

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Corporate Investigators

Fraud, brand protection and internal investigators all go online to find evidence of wrongdoing. Whether they work with law enforcement on a criminal matter or resolve the problem in civil courts, how they document the evidence makes a difference.

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Private Investigators

PIs work on behalf of corporate clients, married couples, VIPs and others to investigate a variety of threats -- many of which originate, or are carried out, online.

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Intelligence Agencies

Whether for information about terrorists, organized criminals, gang members or drug cartels, both military and law enforcement mine the online news, social networking, and many other sources for open source intelligence (OSINT).

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Academics & Researchers

WebCase doesn't just help academics teach their students how to properly collect online evidence; it also helps them protect their own, and their students', intellectual property -- thus their reputation.

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