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Supplemental materials for online investigationsElectronic Crime Scene Investigation: A Guide for First Responders

This National Institute of Justice (NIJ) guide is the first in a series designed to help law enforcement understand the evolving and often complex field of computer investigations and digital evidence. The guide provides basic information on how to collect evidence at the computer crime scene, including securing, evaluating, and documenting the scene and collecting computer evidence. The NIJ Technical Working Group on Electronic Crime Scene Investigation (TWGECSI)'s planning panel included Todd Shipley, President of Vere Software.

Investigations Involving the Internet and Computer Networks

This NIJ Special Report is a resource for individuals responsible for investigating criminal use of the Internet and other computer networks. Criminals may use the Internet for numerous reasons, including trading and sharing information (e.g., documents, photographs, and video), concealing their identities, and gathering information about victims. The report is part of a series of guides on electronic crime. investigation. The TWGECSI planning panel for this report included Todd Shipley.

Forensic Examination of Digital Evidence: A Guide for Law Enforcement

This guide is intended for members of the law enforcement community who are responsible for the examination of digital evidence. The guide, published as one of the NIJ Special Reports on investigating electronic crime, deals with common situations encountered as digital evidence is processed and handled. It can be used to help agencies develop their own policies and procedures. The TWGECSI planning panel for this report included Todd Shipley.

Digital Evidence in the Courtroom: A Guide for Law Enforcement and Prosecutors

This NIJ guide was prepared by the Technical Working Group for Digital Evidence in the Courtroom (TWGDEC). The information contained in this report will enable more of the nation's law enforcement personnel and prosecutors to work effectively with digital evidence, maximizing it's reliability to benefit criminal case prosecutions. Todd Shipley was among the TWGDEC members who helped prepare this report.

Collecting Evidence from a Running Computer: A Technical and Legal Primer for the Justice Community

This publication discusses the reasons to collect evidence from a running computer. It also discusses the legal implications when doing so. This publication was written by Vere Software President Todd Shipley and Henry R. "Dick" Reeve, General Counsel and Deputy District Attorney, Denver, Colorado.


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