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The online world continues to expand, becoming increasingly complex. Online gaming, social networking and Mobile-to-Web applications have joined Web sites, instant messaging and chat rooms as places where child predators groom their victims and identity thieves phish for personal data. To properly document these activities, investigators must understand them.

CyberCrime Survival

Adding to the investigator's basic knowledge about using the Internet to investigate persons or crimes, and expanding on the lessons learned in our CyberCrime Survival course, CyberCrime Weapons School challenges students with new and more complicated concepts about how criminals operate online. Learn how money mules hide their tracks, how child predators navigate “old school” Internet applications like IRC and Usenet, and how to identify and document brand “spoof” sites.

CyberCrime Weapons School

An Advanced course that builds on the previous two courses. Description and link coming soon!

CyberCrime Assault Course



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