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The Innocent Justice Foundation

Vere Software is working with the Innocent Justice Foundation to provide funding opportunities to law enforcement. The IJF's mission is to help rescue American children from sexual abuse, and to significantly reduce the epidemic of child sexual abuse in this century.

The IJF provides grant funding for law enforcement agencies involved in investigations of child abuse. In addition, Vere Software has consulted with the IJF and pre-prepared a grant application to assist an agency in purchasing WebCase to support online crimes against children investigations.

The below application has language added (in red) to assist the prospective applicant to apply for funding for 5 copies of WebCase®. Please download and read the IJF guidelines, and add the required information. Please ensure that the information you provide is localized to your agency and investigative needs. Any direct questions regarding the application's completion must be addressed through the Innocent Justice Foundation.

Mail or fax your applications directly to the IJF at:

The Innocent Justice Foundation
132 N. El Camino Real #483
Encinitas, CA 92024
Phone: 760.585.8873
Fax: 888.698.8873

Final approval of any Innocent Justice Foundation grant applications remains with the foundation and not with Vere Software.

Download WebCase Law Enforcement Support Request Form

Download WebCase Customer Quote for Inclusion with Innocent Justice Grant Request

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