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Host Vere Software trainingVere Software appreciates your organization's interest in our dynamic online investigations training course. Vere Software is the leader in developing software for online investigations. In our course, we provide the latest information on proper investigation of Internet-based crimes. Investigators from local, state, federal law enforcement; probation/parole departments; and corporate security can benefit from this training.

Vere Software course hosts receive:

  • Cutting edge instruction by leaders in the field of online investigations.
  • Training materials including workbooks, current investigative tools/software, and a WebCase® demo CD
  • All student administrative paperwork and on-site lab setup
  • Up to two complimentary seats in each course, dependent on the number of seats sold
  • Access to the WebCase forum
  • Membership opportunities for all students into the International High Technology Crimes Investigation Association (HTCIA), and the High Tech Crime Consortium (HTCC).
  • Promotion of the training through our website, press releases, and Internet listserv announcements.
  • Attendees have the opportunity to purchase a copy of WebCase at a 10% discount over list price.
  • Certificates for each attendee.

Host responsibilities include:Both hosts and attendees benefit from Vere Software on-site training

  • Comfortable classroom seating for 20-25 students, including a work area for 20-25 laptop/desktop computers.
  • Access to computers for each student in the training room is a plus but not required. If you do not have access to computers/laptops for each student, attendees will be required to bring their own for use during the class. See our system requirements for more details.
  • Power supplied to each individual workstation/workstation area.
  • Broadband Internet connection.
  • Network Administrator contact information and introduction.
  • An acceptable 6 ft projection surface viewable by all students in the classroom.
  • Local and regional course promotion to law enforcement agencies via teletype, fax and email, as well as local HCTIA or ASIS chapters you belong to.
  • Assistance with press release and media inquiries about the training.
  • Easy access to lunch locations nearby the training location for students.
  • We recommend that all training locations be within 30 to 45 minutes driving time from major airports.

How hosts benefit

As our host you get hands-on, interactive training from some of the industry's leading instructors without the travel expense and inconvenience. You get up to two complimentary course seats--which saves your organization money--and you obtain training in a critical subject area.

Host organization will receive one free seat for the first 12 seats sold. The second seat will be offered after the 20th paid seat is sold. A minimum of 12 seats must be sold to proceed with the class.

If you'd like to be considered as a course host for your area, please contact us at 888-432-4445 or by emailing us at

Contract a course and save!

Vere Software invites your organization to contract our dynamic online investigations course. The advantage to contracting vs. hosting is cost per seat. If an organization has 15+ committed attendees, then by contracting the class, the cost per seat is reduced. Cost reductions vary based on attendance. Contact us at for further information on contracting a course.


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