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Vere Software is pleased to offer several free downloads to our customers: the Internet Investigator's ToolKit and the Vere Software Internet Investigator's Toolbar. While free with each purchased WebCase installation, they can now be downloaded on their own.

In addition, our 3 Model Policies for Social Networking Support are designed to help law enforcement employees with investigative, official, and personal use of social media sites.

Internet Investigator's ToolKit

The WebCase Internet Investigator's ToolkitThe Internet Investigator's Toolkit is a compact Java tool that enables quick assessment, from the online investigator's desktop, of information about websites and other online activities.

Its features include:

Whois provides domain registration information lookup.
MX provides mail server records lookup.
Netstat provides information and statistics about protocols in use, along with current TCP/IP network connections.
Ping determines whether a specific IP address is accessible. It works by sending a packet to the specified address and waiting for a reply. Ping is used primarily to troubleshoot Internet connections.
Resolve is a utility that resolves a host URL to an IP address, or an IP address to a server which hosts that IP address.
Traceroute traces and records the route a packet travels from your computer to an Internet host. It shows how many hops the packet requires to reach the host, and how long each hop takes.
TCP/IP shows the current configuration of the user's network connections.
Stats shows certain information about the user’s computer, including:
  • Microsoft Windows version
  • hard drive label and serial number
  • active TCP/IP connections
  • interface lists
  • IP v4 and 6 routing tables
  • persistent routes
WebCase opens WebCase if the user has it installed, or takes the user to the Vere Software homepage.
About provides the tool's version number and the manufacturer's information.
Exit closes the tool.

Download Law Enforcement version of the Internet Investigator's Toolkit Free

Commercial users please contact us directly if you are interested in purchasing this item.

Vere Software Internet Investigator's Toolbar - FREE

The WebCase toolbar


This free toolbar gives you the basic tools you need to help you investigate crime on the Internet:

  • Trace IP addresses
  • Collect and gather information from the Web about people or suspects
  • Access to ISP Legal contacts
  • Test the security of your computer system
  • Identify your IP information
  • Access Vere Software's eLearning resources.
  • Receive messages between users
  • Receive Computer Crime News
  • Access Vere Software’s update page

The toolbar will work on Windows 7, Vista, XP, and 2000 and Mac. It can be installed on Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0 and above, and as an add-on for Mozilla Firefox.

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