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About Vere Software

Our company goal is to provide tailored solutions for the online investigator.

Incorporated in February 2007, Vere Software was founded to build tools upon concepts that already exist for, and are commonly accepted about, online evidence collection and preservation.

The name “Vere” comes from the Latin word for “truth.” Vere Software helps investigators uncover the truth of what people do online. Introduced in August 2008, flagship product WebCase® and forthcoming products are intended to provide investigators with the opportunities to work in ways they could not before. This way, Vere Software expands their capacity to understand the Internet as a place where crime is committed.

In addition to WebCase, Vere Software will introduce, over the next few months, a comprehensive array of online investigation and training services to help our customers manage their online digital investigations and learn how to effectively and efficiently use our software.

Experienced professionals lead Vere Software


Vere Software is led by an experienced management team that is dedicated to helping the online investigator.

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