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How do our customers use WebCase?

In the Santa Cruz (Calif.) Police Department, Det. Dave Pawlak uses WebCase to save time and reduce court costs associated with catching child predators. Read his use case to find out how.


At a South Dakota high tech crimes unit, WebCase started as a solution for one unit -- and became a solution for others. Read how investigators improved their efficiency, organization and accountability.


What do our customers say about WebCase?

"WebCase promises to be the most invaluable partner an online investigator could have by keeping track of information during a case and having it prosecution-ready in moments.” – James Cornell, CFCE, CISSP, CEECS, CTT+, featured author in The Best Damn CyberCrime and Digital Forensics Book Period


“Until recently, real time forensic tracking of live data was problematic because the Internet was a real time environment. Computer forensic software such as WebCase by VereSoft (sic) ( is solving this problem by allowing investigators to forensically record IP addresses, chat sessions, and other communication across the Internet connection.”Computer Forensics for Dummies, 2008


“I was impressed with how easy the software is to use. It has a very short learning curve and even people who are not used to using computers could be trained to use this tool very quickly.” – Larry Daniel, Digital Forensic Reviews


"WebCase is a tool that has aided in data collection, so forensic, in the fight against individuals who use the web as a place to conduct infractions." - Raffael Vargas, Digital Forensic Specialist Consultant, Forense Digital (Brazil)


WebCase's video capability is "much more powerful" for juries as they weigh evidence, says Det. Dan Pearce of the San Diego-based CATCH unit. He recently used the software to record how a suspect was able to log in to a sex site using a victim's stolen credit card. "The site was really high-end, lots of Flash animation and audio, and WebCase captured all of it," Pearce says. "The DA, who is smart but not a technical guy, thought the video was beautiful." In many of his cases using WebCase, Pearce adds, defense attorneys don't even bother taking cases to court once they see WebCase evidence.


"The WebCase Internet Investigator's ToolKit is a wonderful free tool that law enforcement will use every day. It will save them many hours of investigative time." - Keith Daniels, High-Tech Crime Training Specialist at SEARCH, the National Consortium for Justice Information & Statistics


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