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Untitled document quotes Todd Shipley on the importance of police being online to investigate crimes and collect actionable information.

Todd Shipley talks to CyberCrime 101 host (and NYPD computer crimes detective) Joe Garcia about his background, WebCase, and being president of the International High Tech Crimes Investigators' Association (HTCIA). Joe voices his approval for our tutorial screencasts, as well as our webinars and 2-day training; Todd tells us that WebCase now offers 64-bit support, and will soon be released in a new version that has more features.

In Part I, Todd Shipley draws from the 2007 Vere Software white paper, "Collecting Legally Defensible Online Evidence," to discuss the need for and development of a standard methodology for Internet evidence collection. In Part II, Todd addresses the application of that methodology specifically to "cloud" computing.

Todd sits down with Mike Waraich of to talk about about crime in the online world, and how a lot of police have neglected it as a priority in the past and what it will take to fight against the the threat of cyber criminals. We also discuss social media’s role and how social media monitoring is becoming ever so prevalent. They also talk about how WebCase is leading the way as a high tech tool to aid online investigations and combat online crime.

Today's law enforcement administrator is well acquainted with community policing. We all know it involves being proactive and increased community interaction. Traditionally the focus has been on the "brick and mortar" world. This approach neglects the increasing significance of cyberspace to one's community. Unfortunately, what sometimes starts out in cyberspace ends up in our communities. Law enforcement should therefore consider making cyberspace a part of their community policing efforts.

Todd Shipley talks to reporter Dena Levitz about police department use of social media, including background and internal investigations of employees and prospective recruits.

Todd Shipley, a retired officer with the Reno Police Department, was working for a nonprofit where he taught law enforcement officers how to investigate online crimes.

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