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What CyberCrime Weapons School Will Teach You

Our goal is for investigators to implement what they've learned in this class immediately upon leaving it. The 16-hour, 2-day course includes:


Collection and Preservation
Understanding and decoding URL obfuscation

Conducting more complex proactive and reactive investigations on the Internet

No more explaining computer language to supervisors or legal counsel

Advanced Internet hiding tools and use

Evidence that can be shared in complex joint investigations

Clear, concise, easy to understand evidence

IRC investigations

Using WebCase®, the Online Evidence Collection Tool

Dissecting a webpage’s source code

Tracing embedded and streaming video files

Fingerprinting a webserver/webpage.

Cybercrime Weapons School updates and improves existing Internet investigative skills and techniques for the basic-level investigator. The course builds on the concepts learned in the Cybercrime Survival course, likewise using data-driven scenarios to assist the student to understand the more complicated concepts.

Students will continue to use WebCase during the instruction, augmenting their knowledge of how it can be used to perform evidence collection and analysis in the online environment. Students will be provided with:

  • A demo version of WebCase® for use during the course

  • Other software tools for exploring various locations on the Internet

  • A student binder with slides

  • Reference material

A focused written and practical test will conclude the students' learning experience. All course materials and a Certificate of Completion will be provided to students.


Who Should Take CyberCrime Weapons School?

Cybercrime Weapons School is designed for:

  • Basic to intermediate investigators/analysts

  • Law enforcement, government, corporate or private investigators.

  • Investigators with a background in hard disk forensics but little experience with cybercrime investigation


Prerequisites: This course builds on the lessons and techniques learned in the Cybercrime Survival course. Students must be comfortable with:

  • Using a personal computer and browsing the Internet with Internet Explorer.

  • Tracing IP addresses

  • Collecting web based evidence

  • Conducting proactive and reactive online investigations


Attending the Cybercrime Survival course is not mandatory, but is suggested. Other basic online investigations courses should also prepare the investigator for this course. If you have any questions about the prerequisites, please contact us.


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