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ACAV was designed through a grant from the United States Department of Justice, National Institute of Justice. Vere Software and the University of Nevada, Reno, College of Computer Science and Engineering researched and developed the prototype of ACAV.

ACAV is a tool designed to aid the law enforcement investigators attempts to identify criminals using anonymization on the Internet to hide their criminal activities. ACAV provides investigators with the ability to deploy technology that helps to identify the actual Internet Protocol address of targets of their investigations.  The technology uses protocols already in existence along with newly developed technology designed to expose the offender.

The product is released only to verified state and local Law Enforcement investigators.

  • Federal investigators should contact Vere Software directly for information on how to obtain ACAV at
  • Vere Software has partnered with the Electronic Crime Technology Center of Excellence (ECTCOE) to provide ACAV free of charge to state and local law enforcment investigators.
  • All requests for ACAV need to be sent through the ECTCOE online portal.
  • Specific details about ACAV and its capabilities can be found on the ECTCOE website by verified users.

Who Needs ACAV?

Any law enforcement investigator dealing with criminal targets using anonymization to hide their criminal activity.


Using ACAV

ACAV comes complete with installation and usage instructions.


  Law enforcement Investigators get ACAV for Free

  All other inquiries please contact Vere Software

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