Categories: Press Releases
      Date: Feb  8, 2010
     Title: Vere Software Announces Channel Partnership with Fernico, LLC
Digital forensic solutions provider will sell WebCase in the United Kingdom

Reno, NV – Police and specialized e-crime investigators in the United Kingdom will now be able to get local sales and technical support for WebCase, the leading software for Internet evidence collection and preservation. WebCase maker Vere Software has partnered with Fernico Europe Ltd., an established developer of digital forensic solutions, to sell WebCase via its Evesham UK sales office.

Investigators in England have been making considerable efforts to combat cybercrime of late, with the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) developing a nationwide cybercrime strategy and several key organizations, including the Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA), recasting their brands. According to a 2009 Symantec study, the United Kingdom ranks fourth on a list of 20 countries with the most cybercrime, accounting for five percent of the world's malicious computer activity.

“WebCase will make a significant difference in the way U.K. investigators respond to cybercrime,” said Todd Shipley, Vere Software president and CEO. “The drive to create a comprehensive strategy to combat identity theft, child pornography, terrorism, and other crimes means that tools need to be available to ensure success. WebCase helps set the standard for legal defensibility of digital evidence.”

Kevin Thomas, Fernico CEO, said: “Vere Software have developed a unique investigation tool that can be used by non technical investigators to help them solve a growing number of Internet-based crimes. It will significantly enhance the speed of detection and the presentation of prosecutors' evidence to secure faster convictions.”

WebCase can be used not only by specialized computer forensics examiners, but also by general investigators in their everyday jobs. In the UK, training on how to do this is offered by Vere Software's training partner, Technology Risk Limited.

ABOUT FERNICO LLC: Fernico designs innovative high quality solutions to meet the precise needs of cell phone examiners and digital crime investigators. Working closely with leading practitioners and agencies sets the standard for its engineering team. Headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina with a European technical sales and development office based in Evesham UK, Fernico supports the EMEA (Europe Middle East Africa) region.

ABOUT VERE SOFTWARE: Incorporated in February 2007, Vere Software, Inc. designs, develops, programs, and markets software and hardware built upon concepts related to online evidence collection and preservation. Offered to both public and private markets domestically and internationally, Vere Software's WebCase and related products meet the standard for criminal legal defensibility by logging, date and time stamping collected Internet evidence, then authenticating it via one of a number of accepted hash algorithms.

ABOUT WEBCASE: WebCase is the flagship product of Vere Software. The first software built for legally defensible evidence collection from Web pages and social networking sites, WebCase digitally “fingerprints” its evidence using commonly accepted hash algorithms.