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WebCase 2.0 Released

WebCase 2.0 Released

WebCase 2.0 released!

Vere Software is always striving to produce the best in the way of products to assist investigators and their cases. We have totally revamped the method of collection of Internet data in our newest release of WebCase 2.0. WebCase has always been a standard in the collection of data from the Internet and continues to provide our clients with a tool that is easy to use and documents the evidence in a manner consistent with legal requirements.

What is new in WebCase 2.0

We have completely refashioned the collection of evidence from the Internet. We did this by designing our own browser. What this does is allow the investigator significantly more control to view, acquire and collect information. As always, we made the process easier for the investigator.

New tabs are available for the investigator to review and acquire information from websites and webpages. These include the source view, Exif data in the photographs on the page, Utilities including DNS lookup and Trace Route, the session history of sites visited, Inspector view of the website, and a new settings tab that allows immediate interaction with proxy settings and Tor[1].





[1] Tor is an open source project of the Tor Project at

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