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Vere Software Announces Channel Partnership with Technology Risk Limited

WebCase to be offered as part of United Kingdom cybercrimes training

Reno, NV – Criminal investigators in the United Kingdom will now benefit from training designed to enhance their understanding of the legal challenges associated with Internet-based evidence. Kent-based Technology Risk Limited, which provides training to law enforcement at both local and national levels, has added the WebCase curriculum to its existing course offerings.

“For many years the directors of TRL have been seeking a solution that will enable Internet investigations to be captured in a form that is evidentially acceptable, without the potential for the data to be tampered with.,” said Nigel Jones, director of Technology Risk Limited. “TRL is so confident with WebCase that it has included the software in its Acquiring Online Information training.”

Todd Shipley, Vere Software President and CEO, said, “Our partnership with Technology Risk Limited means that the training on our innovative software will be offered to UK investigators through an established company familiar with the needs of online investigators. With TRL’s reputation our customers can be assured that they will be receiving quality training from the UK leaders in cybercrime training.”

According to a 2009 Symantec study, the United Kingdom ranks fourth on a list of 20 countries with the most cybercrime, accounting for five percent of the world's malicious computer activity. WebCase is available for sale in the UK from Vere Software's Evesham-based resale partner, Fernico Europe Ltd.

ABOUT TECHNOLOGY RISK LIMITED: Technology Risk Limited offers a set of complementary, technology-based risk consultancy products and services, advising corporate and public clients in all technology-reliant organisations to prevent, detect and resolve technology-related business issues.

ABOUT VERE SOFTWARE: Incorporated in February 2007, Vere Software, Inc. designs, develops, programs, and markets software and hardware built upon concepts related to online evidence collection and preservation. Offered to both public and private markets domestically and internationally, Vere Software's WebCase and related products meet the standard for criminal legal defensibility by logging, date and time stamping collected Internet evidence, then authenticating it via one of a number of accepted hash algorithms.

ABOUT WEBCASE: WebCase is the flagship product of Vere Software. The first software built for legally defensible evidence collection from Web pages and social networking sites, WebCase digitally “fingerprints” its evidence using commonly accepted hash algorithms.


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