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WebCase 2.0 Features

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WebCase: packed with investigative features

WebCase 2.0 ® is an easy to learn, easy to use solution that changes the way investigators locate, collect, manage, and present online evidence.

New Features in WebCase 2.0

New WebCase Browser

Goodbye Dongles

Added Collection Features


More information: (or, well will have new video's up soon)


New WebCase Browser

We have completely refashioned the collection of evidence from the Internet. We did this by designing our own browser. What this does is allow the investigator significantly more control to view, acquire and collect information. As always, we made the process easier for the investigator.


Goodbye Dongles

Listening to our customer base we have changed the method by which we secure and license WebCase. In previous versions we used the industry standard dongle type security. That has been replaced with a software security feature allowing  for better update control and user access to features.

Added Collection Features

Vere Software is always striving to produce the best in the way of products to assist investigators and their cases. We have totally revamped the method of collection of Internet data in our WebCase 2.0.  The new browser will have multiple tabs to allow the investigator more easily review and acquire web based data.


New Browser Tabs Include

Source View:  No need to save the data and review later. This tab provides direct access to a webpages HTML source for immediate review for relevant   information.

Exif Data: This new tab allows the investigator to quickly review the hidden meta-data within photographs on a webpage for investigative information from the Exif data in the image file.

Utilities: This tab includes a quick access to DNS lookups and Trace Route

Session History: This tab allows quick review of the previous pages reviewed during the session.

Inspector View: Provides the investigator with in depth tools to review webpage data.

Settings: This tab allows immediate interaction with proxy settings and Tor to assist in hiding the investigator from targets.


Screen Capture Tools
Video Capture Tools
Internet Explorer Compliant
Screen Capture
Video Capture
Chat Capture
Web Page Archive
Hash Files For Evidence Authentication
Date/Time Stamp via NIST atomic clock
Web Browser
Relocate DB
Aladdin Security
7Zip Compression
Preserve and Secure Evidence Properly
IP Address Identification
Geolocate IP Address
Multiple User Options
Administration Functions
Case Management
Undercover ID Management
Suspect Management
Customizable Report Format
HTML Report

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