Online Investigation Case Law

Legal Notice: The following cases and references are provided only as guidance on potential case law that may affect your investigations. Vere Software is not providing any legal advice on these matters. Consult your legal advisor within your agency or company for and legal advice specific to your ongoing investigations. The material presented here is for your educational use in the field of online investigations.

Click on the links below to access each page, which includes citations and a brief description of the salient decision in each case. Where possible, we have linked externally to the decisions.

Admission of Duplicate Digital Evidence

Authenticating Contents & Appearance of Websites


Cut and Paste

Email Authentication

Introduction of Web Sites

No 4th Amendment Privacy Interest in Subscriber Information & Transactional Records

Online Evidence Admissibility

Tracing Internet Protocol (IP) Addresses

Use of Automated Tools in Digital Evidence Collection

User Identification and Privacy of Information on the Internet

Validation of Undercover Communications with Defendants