Laid off employees turning to Cyber Crime

An interesting turn of events, based on the current economy, has employees turning to cybercrime according to Online Learning Info’s blog.  The blog refers to a story by ReadWriteWeb which quotes a report just published by McAfee and Purdue University’s Center for Education and Research in Information Assurance and Security. The report, funded by McAfee, cited concerns including:

“The combination of economic pressures, weak efforts at law enforcement, international differences in perceptions of privacy and security, and the continuing challenges of providing secured computing are combining to place vast amounts of valuable intellectual property (IP) at risk.”

The report says that billions of dollar in Intellectual property are being stolen and that there is little doubt it will increase. Two of the reports five conclusions specifically are targeted at employee behavior:

  • The recession will put intellectual property at risk
  • Employees steal intellectual property for financial gain and competitive advantage

CyberSecurity is an ongoing process that requires companies to “…provide positive control over resources…”   A strong ongoing security process and investigative support team certainly won’t prevent nefarious employee behavior, but it will aid in a company’s ability to respond to the increasing threat.

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