Cybercrime under the microscope

This week in two separate parts of the world, Adelaide, Australia and Orlando, Florida, cybercrime is being discussed. In both conferences they are discussing the need to collect online evidence. In Orlando at the National Law Center’s Child Defenders Expo local, state and federal law enforcement officers are learning about the methods to prevent and investigate crimes against children on the Internet. In Adelaide, at the e-Forensics 2009 conference sponsored by the University of Adelaide, they are meeting to discussing the ways collecting of Internet evidence to aid in the prosecution of criminal.

Both conferences are addressing the growing need collect evidence from the internet for the purposes of successful prosecutions. In Adelaide, Dr. Sorrell says prosecuting internet criminals is very difficult because evidence may be hard to access: “We’re looking at the way in which that sort of evidence can be presented in court and what needs to be done with that evidence to ensure that it’s accepted by the court.”

Vere software is once again here to the rescue. Our flagship product “WebCase” is the solution that both of these groups need. In fact, Todd Shipley, President of Vere Software is presenting at the National Law Centers conference this week on that very topic. His presentation is entitled “Policing the Internet: Proper Collection of Digital Evidence from the Internet”. As an Internet Investigation tool, WebCase is able to record and collect Internet evidence for the investigator in any country. If the investigator can browse to the location on the Internet, no matter which country it resides in, WebCase can record as evidence the content of a website.

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