Todd on CyberCrime 101: Episode 7

Last month while Todd was training in New York City, he had a chance to meet Joe Garcia, a computer crimes detective we connected with on Twitter. Joe has a podcast, CyberCrime 101, about all things computer forensics and information security. After reviewing the WebCase demo, he kindly invited Todd on the show to talk.

Their focus: Todd’s background, WebCase, and being president of the International High Tech Crimes Investigators’ Association (HTCIA). Joe voiced his approval for our tutorial screencasts, as well as our webinars and 2-day training; Todd told us that WebCase now offers 64-bit support, and will soon be released in a new version that has more features.

Thanks for having Todd on the show, Joe!

Christa M. Miller is Vere Software’s marketing/public relations consultant. She specializes in law enforcement and public safety and can be reached at christa at christammiller dot com.

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